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Myths and Tales

Myths and Tales
The Myths and Tales Collection is a series of paintings and prints by Ludmila Korol that draw inspiration from various myths, legends, fairy tales, and folk stories from different cultures and times. Ludmila uses her artistic skills and vision to reinterpret these stories and give them a new life and meaning. She combines elements of realism and fantasy, tradition and innovation, light and dark, to create captivating and intriguing artworks that appeal to both children and adults. Ludmila's paintings and prints invite you to discover the hidden messages and symbols behind each story and to connect them with your own experiences and emotions. You may find some of them familiar, or surprising, or challenging. The Myths and Tales Collection is a tribute to the richness and diversity of human imagination and storytelling. You can browse through the collection and choose your favourite artworks to enrich your mind and soul.
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