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I Wish Collection

I Wish Collection
The I Wish Collection is a series of paintings and prints by Ludmila Korol that explore the theme of dreams and desires. Ludmila uses her imagination and creativity to depict scenes and characters that reflect her own wishes or those of others. Some of these wishes are whimsical, such as flying in the sky, riding a unicorn, or having a fairy godmother. Some are realistic, such as traveling to a new place, finding love, or having a family. Some are profound, such as achieving peace, happiness, or freedom. Ludmila's paintings and prints invite you to join her in her fantasy world and share your own wishes with her. You may find some of them resonate with you, or inspire you to pursue your own dreams. The I Wish Collection is a celebration of the power and beauty of imagination and hope. You can browse through the collection and choose your favourite artworks to bring some magic and joy into your life.
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