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Original - Modern Figurative

Original - Modern Figurative

Gallery of original artwork. Oil on Canvas. Modern, figurative paintings featuring children, ladies, quirky, whimsical style painted and inspired by living in Dublin and Ireland. Moody, soulful, spiritual artworks painted with love and deep thought.

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Away with the Birds - Original New

Away with the Birds - Original

This original painting is a mixture of my styles, between figurative and abstract. The birds (Robins) are from my garden where they are frequent visitors and even come and eat from my hands. I love them."Away with the Birds"Oil on Canvas90 x 90 cm (approx 3' x 3')..


Girl with Fruit and Wine New

Girl with Fruit and Wine

Young girl with her hand resting on her neck. The painting shows just her head and shoulders. She has long blonde hair and is wearing a grey green hat. Beside her is a glass of red wine, half full. There is a full bowl of fruit with pears apples and grapes.Original PaintingOil on Canvas40 x 40 cm (1..


I Wish - Original

Contemporary oil painting on canvas. Portrait of a girl blowing a dandelion and wishing for the thing she loves. Young innocent and pure...


Lady and the Cat SOLD

Lady and the Cat

Original Oil Painting on CanvasSitting in a Dublin wine bar with a glass of red wine and a cat for comfort. 60 x 60 cm, painted in February 2018 in Dublin, Ireland on a cold and dark day...


Music Lover Original

Original oil painting on block canvas 40 mm deep. Painted February 2017."Music Lover"100 x 70 cmOil on Canvas..


Never Alone Original SOLD

Never Alone Original

This beautiful picture of a young girl sitting in the forest alone except for a small robin at her feet reminds us that we are never alone.Original painting is in oil on canvas and is 80 x 80 cm. It is delivered in floating box frame (Limed White)..


Ophelia - Original

Ophelia has a thing for cactus plants.... and succulents.... and herbs and spices. Plant medicine. She could have them in every room in the house. This is an original painting in oil on canvas. 80 x 80 cm (31.5 x 31.5 inches)..


Portrait with Butterflies - Original

Original oil painting on CanvasTitle: "Portrait with Butterflies"Size: 100 x 75 cm (approx 40 x 30 inches)Painting is delivered in white box frame. Shipped anywhere in the world...


Present Time Original SOLD

Present Time Original

The painting is a reflection on time, a conversation between the past, future and present. Its a reminder of how precious some moments in time can be and also to revel in the present."Present Time"Oil on Canvas80 x 80 cm..


Sunny Day Original

Small painting in oil on canvas of a blonde hair girl with a handful of chamomile flowers. Her hair is glowing yellow and the whole painting has a bright and cheerful mood.Oil on Canvas30 x 30 cm..


What If?

This is one of my most favourite pictures at the moment. The title is called "What If?" and I think that suits it perfectly. As with all of my pictures, it is up to the viewer to decide how to interpret my artwork but the title is a good starting point. The original painting is available to purchase..


Chess Players Original

Original Painting. Oil on Board.Size of painting is 56 x 80 cm.Framed in a limed white frame with 80mm border all around plus glass.€1,800.00Free shipping within Ireland and UK...