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Offspring of the Moon

15/06/2015 0 Comment(s) Media, Published,


moon wind original oil painting print is for sale. girl is flying across a landscape with moon and sun rising. like in a dream. surrealism Poetry: In the poems of ."The Offspring of the Moon", John W. Sexton speaks to a tradition deeply rooted in the Irish literary imagination: from the oral tales and myths of pre-Christian times, through the gothic horrors of Sheridan Le Fanu and Bram Stoker, to the early science-fictional romances of Fitz-James O'Brien and M. P. Shiel. These are poems of the altered mind, the cosmic journey, the daemons and totems of the spirit world, the subversion of logic and science. More excitingly than any other poet presently writing in Ireland, Sexton thinks the world anew. His poems offer a unique, provocative adventure through a landscape surreal as a dream, lyrical and terrifying as a fairytale.



Cover of Leonard Sexton's Book  of poetry, title the offspring of the moon. cover illustration is Ludmila Korol's painting, moon wind. A girl flying through the air over a table of fruit and a traditional landscape


Read a sample from this book:


The Way Back
That grey cat sleeps in the dusty spaces
of the moon’s face. She never stirs a limb
while the moon’s lit up, but only rises
on moonless nights. She is the starlight’s whim

and may be glimpsed as troubled waves through grass
or the sheen of ice on a distant pond.
Holding your gaze, her eyes as bland as glass,
she’ll mesmerize you till your heart’s beyond

the threshold of the living. In the hedge
you’ll awake, no thicker than a shadow.

You’ll die this way nine times nine to the edge
of disappearance. The next thing you’ll know
is you’re a kitten. You’ll climb the night’s stairs
as high as you want, your fur bright as stars.

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